Abuse and Neglect

I am the first to admit that Ed’s relationship with me had a foundation with a LOT of anger.  I feel completely cheated.  I paid, nurtured, worked, helped, went without sleep and served as his nurse, cook, chauffeur and prostitute.   I truly believed that I could successfully recreate my parents marriage but with a happy ending.  Foolish… very foolish.  Ed is physically and verbally abusive.  He was that way with his first wife.  He was that way with me.  He will be that way if he gets married again.  I actually helped him to get child abuse charges removed from his record so that he could get a job.  Unbelievable.  I was totally duped and now I tell people, sometimes, that I was a battered wife.  I think it makes me look bad.  I put up with it.  I allowed it.  I was abused.


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