Poor Monkey

My son’s 15th birthday is Sunday.  Nothing from Ed so far.  Not a phone call, not a card, not anything.  His mom sent a card yesterday with his name misspelled.  Sometimes it amazing to me how dysfunctional the whole thing has become.  I feel bad that my son has been tied into the middle of it.  I feel worse that I didn’t encourage Ed to get the help that he needed before it went this far. 

Ed’s children are 16, 18 and 20.  He gave them away when they were 1, 3 and 5.  He swore that he would never lose another child.  He has really never forgiven himself for putting the others up for adoption and now he is walking away and pretending that the child he did so much to raise doesn’t even exist.  How can an addiction so completely replace a person?  Hopefully when my son is older he will be able to distinguish between pain pill Marion and recovery Ed.


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