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Crazy Ladies

June 30, 2009

Ed’s crazy girlfriend Nancy called and left a threatening message on my work voice mail yesterday afternoon, I have never felt so fortunate to be on another line!  She then called the police because she is VERY unhappy that I told Ed’s mom that she lost her med aide license for immoral conduct.  The officer called me when I was heading to my house with Ed’s belongings from his old apartment and I brought him up to speed on Ed’s addictions and the woman who is feeding them.  Poor Nancy, it really sucks when you mistreat those you are entrusted to care for and it ends up being publicly reported. 

Too bad she doesn’t know that she isn’t the craziest lady he’s been with.  Too bad she also doesn’t know that I’m not afraid of some hag who is old enough to be my mother and is just a few years younger than Ed’s mother.  Ed has been with sicker, sadder and crazier women than this before and I have always come out just fine.  I also wonder if she knows that less than 24 hours before he called and left me a message begging to talk to me.  Addiction is a sick and scary thing.  I cannot begin to imagine the advantages for Ed to turn away from his mother for this woman.  But then, I cannot imagine being involved with someone who lost their license for immoral character so there you go.


Throwing It All Away

June 29, 2009

When you don’t know who else to call or what else to do call your ex-mother in law.  Saturday night I talked to Ed’s mother for an hour on the phone.  I told her everything I knew and she gave me a little more information on Nancy the whore.   Nancy is 54, she has some inheritance from when someone in her life passed away and since she and Ed have been dating she has been on at least three vacations by herself and has taken him to the casino’s for the weekend several times.  She is actively feeding his sickness. 

Packing up Ed’s belongings on Saturday it was obvious how far gone he really is.  He left clothes, his football collection, and pictures of his boys.  This afternoon I will go to the old apartment one last time.  I will take a load to the mission and a load to my new house to store for a short time.  We are to the point where Ed has to get clean.  I asked his mother to make arrangements for him to go to treatment.  There are no other choices.  I threw out three boxes of pornography.  Three boxes.  He sold the motorcycle, the big screen, the washer and dryer, I’m not sure where the living room furniture went, the dresser is gone and so is the bookcase that his step father made for him as part of his college graduation.  He threw away everything that I worked so hard for!  And everything that he told me he dreamed of.   This weekend I saw fragments of a life smashed on the rocks of addiction.  It was the saddest thing I have ever witnessed or experienced.  It is a tremendous physical and emotional loss and I’m not sure what to do to help myself recover from it!


June 26, 2009

I had a call from Ed’s landlord last night asking me to get the rest of Ed’s things out of the apartment.  I called movers this morning to take care of the furniture, TVs etc.  and called the landlord back to let him know that I would be over Saturday with the movers to get the big screen TV and furniture.  I asked if the land lord wanted the washer and dryer or if it should be given to charity.  He informed me that Ed sold the washer, the dryer and the big screen to a local pawn shop and then didn’t use the money to pay the rent.  I cannot imagine how deeply he is being held by his current addictions but I am way out of my league.  I will plan to call his mother tonight.  I will have to completely cut off any contact between he and my son until he can get his life together.  This is just disgusting!

Getting What You Deserve

June 25, 2009

I have been thinking about Ed getting what he deserves.  In my mean spirited ex-wife opinion, I think that he deserves to be tarred and feathered.  Punched in the nose and kidney’s and left to be eaten by red ants.  This may sound extreme, but I know what I went through.

Karmicly, Ed deserves to be manipulated and used and maybe that’s what Nancy will do for him.  3 years ago he was running around with a woman in her 50’s and made a big production out of the fact that he wasn’t interested in older women.  I guess you can only be so hungry.  So my question in their relationship is who is using who?  He’s a total joke and loser when he abuses anything and she’s an outdated whore with an expired license from a job that caps out at $10 an hour.  Maybe misery really does love company!

Burn Baby Burn

June 24, 2009

Last night I went to a party where a group of divorced women were burning up the past.  People burned plaques with their married names on them, letters from their ex-husband’s, letter’s they wrote to their ex’s, and things that they needed to let go of.  I felt better after letting go.  Ed caused me pain that probably no one else in the world will ever understand.  I have slowly, unwillingly and doggedly come to accept the fact that there was nothing else that I could have done.  My life from here forward will be better, and I will try to keep Ed out of my life and still involved in my son’s, in the most positive manner that Ed is capable of maintaining. 

In my heart of hearts I hope that he will some day look at this part of his life with tremendous regret and loss.  I know that I am the best thing that ever happened to him, and that this new woman will never be equal to me.  I ROCK!

Us Vs. Them

June 23, 2009

I am still trying to understand the depths of addiction.  I know this blog seems like a broken record, but,  imagine the way it rattles around inside my brain!  I just cannot grasp how anything could be more important than people.  My son is a great kid and when I was young I had men lined up around the block waiting for me.  And I picked Ed.  And then Ed picked prescription pain pills, pornography, gambling, and this loser woman.  I just don’t get it.

Nancy the Whore

June 22, 2009

I think I am getting closer to resolving the Nancy mystery.  Don’t you all love “Nancy the Whore” it makes her much more like a character!  =) 

I think  that she and Ed met while they were working at Detox.  I think that he quit his job there because she was in the process of getting fired from her’s.  In April 2009 she lost her license to work as a med aide and she has never been licensed as a CNA so I strongly suspect that they met when they worked at Detox together.  He quit working there New Year’s weekend and one has to wonder if it was because she was in the midst of getting fired…. And if that is her, she’s 53 years old.  So he’s been been having sex with someone that other people might call grandma…. EWWWWW

Poke the Bear

June 19, 2009

My son has been home from camp for a week now and still no calls from Ed.  I called and left him a voice mail this morning and said that if he has time to help Nancy call the police and send them to my house then he has time to call and talk to Erik.  I also informed him that I expected him to see my son on Father’s Day and it would be his responsibility to get something together.  We’ll see how that goes.


June 18, 2009

Yesterday afternoon at work my phone rang about 1:30, the number looked vaguely familiar so I answered with my typical professional response.  It was Ed…. of course!  He wanted to let me know that he hadn’t told the police it was me who vandalized Nancy’s car.  My response was cold, practiced and AWESOME. I simply said “I am not going to talk to you about this while I am at work.”  He repeated himself saying he just really wanted me to know it wasn’t him.  And I repeated that I wouldn’t discuss it with him when I was at work.  I was SO professional!

What I really wanted to say was “You mother f’ing loser, keep yourself and your tramp out of my life.  The next time that I have to deal with the police because of EITHER one of you I will take out a restraining order, you will never be able to work as a licensed counselor and I will find a way to sue you for every penny that you make.  I wish that you were dead and I am absolutely mortified and embarrassed that I was married to you so LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Lie Down with Dogs, Get Up with Fleas

June 17, 2009

I had the most interesting phone call yesterday.  From Officer Yjindrick from the Lincoln Police Department.  He called to see if I knew Nancy because her car had been vandalized.  (Why yes it was Ed’s whore Nancy!!!)  I told him that I didn’t know Nancy, I didn’t know where Nancy lives, or what she drives and while I knew of her I didn’t personally know her.  The officer laughed at that point and said that I was among the last of the suspects.  Apparently “miss thing” has a long list of people who are interested in taking revenge on her. 

She also told the officer that it could have been me because Ed told her that our divorce was finalized in the last few days.  Our divorce was finalized in December, not a few days ago!  I have no idea what Ed has to gain by lying to her about our divorce, and to be honest I don’t care.  This spring his mom didn’t even know that the divorce had been to court! 

When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.  I have always loved that saying.  I’m not sure which of these two has more problems but they likely have fleas, and crabs, and scabies by this point.  And maybe head lice to go along with it.  Freaking lunatics.  I wish that my ex-husband would just fall off the planet!