Grow the F Up

Last night I had been asleep for maybe 10 minutes when the phone rang.  It was Ed’s landlord.  He’s been trying to catch up with him for several days because he already told Ed that he had to move out of the apartment.  The landlord is so nice that he actually offered to move Ed into something the he can afford, but instead, Ed is hiding from him.  44 years old, can’t hold a job, can’t pay his rent, runs around when a woman is helping him pay his bills, is probably sleeping at the whore’s house (I think she’s on housing!), habitual freaking liar.  He’s a prize, a real prize!  So now he’s God only knows how far upside down with the landlord, $800 in debt to the vascular surgeon, $800 to Capital One, $1200 in bad cellular phone debt and $30,000 in default to the federal government for student loans.   I have no idea who else he owes but these are the people that are calling ME!


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