Alcoholism and Control

I have thought a lot this week about my efforts to control Ed’s addictions.  I kept his cash flow limited, because I knew the gambling demon was always right around the corner.  I tried to monitor the pain pill utilization and convince him that he didn’t need them.  For awhile I even bought into the idea that it wasn’t alcohol and street drugs so it was different.  Ed is an addict.  He was an addict in recovery when I met him in 1995 and he has been actively using since 1997 when he started on Darvocet for a back injury (one of many).  I cannot believe the lies that I told myself and others to give myself some semblance of control over his demons.  If you are reading this and you are covering for someone else’s addiction just walk away, if they want you to cover they are not in recovery and have no interest in keeping their promises or commitments to you.


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