Get a Job

“Let me tell you about my other friend now, my friend’s got a boyfriend man she hates that dick, she tells me every single day, she says man I really need to lose that prick in the worst kind of way. I won’t pay, I won’t pay, no way, nah nah why don’t you get a job!”

Even Ed’s stepfather says he has gone way too many years not working and he has to do something.  We’ll see how long he keeps his lawn job.  I should do some kind of pool, place your bets on how long Ed will hold each job.   I could probably make more money on that kind of venture than he can make working!  The good news is that I won’t pay for anything ever again.  He is off my health insurance and I finally got the car insurance people to stop taking that out of our old joint checking account.  This weekend I’ll get that closed and thus will end any connections we have to each other!


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