Lie Down with Dogs, Get Up with Fleas

I had the most interesting phone call yesterday.  From Officer Yjindrick from the Lincoln Police Department.  He called to see if I knew Nancy because her car had been vandalized.  (Why yes it was Ed’s whore Nancy!!!)  I told him that I didn’t know Nancy, I didn’t know where Nancy lives, or what she drives and while I knew of her I didn’t personally know her.  The officer laughed at that point and said that I was among the last of the suspects.  Apparently “miss thing” has a long list of people who are interested in taking revenge on her. 

She also told the officer that it could have been me because Ed told her that our divorce was finalized in the last few days.  Our divorce was finalized in December, not a few days ago!  I have no idea what Ed has to gain by lying to her about our divorce, and to be honest I don’t care.  This spring his mom didn’t even know that the divorce had been to court! 

When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.  I have always loved that saying.  I’m not sure which of these two has more problems but they likely have fleas, and crabs, and scabies by this point.  And maybe head lice to go along with it.  Freaking lunatics.  I wish that my ex-husband would just fall off the planet!


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