Yesterday afternoon at work my phone rang about 1:30, the number looked vaguely familiar so I answered with my typical professional response.  It was Ed…. of course!  He wanted to let me know that he hadn’t told the police it was me who vandalized Nancy’s car.  My response was cold, practiced and AWESOME. I simply said “I am not going to talk to you about this while I am at work.”  He repeated himself saying he just really wanted me to know it wasn’t him.  And I repeated that I wouldn’t discuss it with him when I was at work.  I was SO professional!

What I really wanted to say was “You mother f’ing loser, keep yourself and your tramp out of my life.  The next time that I have to deal with the police because of EITHER one of you I will take out a restraining order, you will never be able to work as a licensed counselor and I will find a way to sue you for every penny that you make.  I wish that you were dead and I am absolutely mortified and embarrassed that I was married to you so LEAVE ME ALONE!”


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