Burn Baby Burn

Last night I went to a party where a group of divorced women were burning up the past.  People burned plaques with their married names on them, letters from their ex-husband’s, letter’s they wrote to their ex’s, and things that they needed to let go of.  I felt better after letting go.  Ed caused me pain that probably no one else in the world will ever understand.  I have slowly, unwillingly and doggedly come to accept the fact that there was nothing else that I could have done.  My life from here forward will be better, and I will try to keep Ed out of my life and still involved in my son’s, in the most positive manner that Ed is capable of maintaining. 

In my heart of hearts I hope that he will some day look at this part of his life with tremendous regret and loss.  I know that I am the best thing that ever happened to him, and that this new woman will never be equal to me.  I ROCK!


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