Getting What You Deserve

I have been thinking about Ed getting what he deserves.  In my mean spirited ex-wife opinion, I think that he deserves to be tarred and feathered.  Punched in the nose and kidney’s and left to be eaten by red ants.  This may sound extreme, but I know what I went through.

Karmicly, Ed deserves to be manipulated and used and maybe that’s what Nancy will do for him.  3 years ago he was running around with a woman in her 50’s and made a big production out of the fact that he wasn’t interested in older women.  I guess you can only be so hungry.  So my question in their relationship is who is using who?  He’s a total joke and loser when he abuses anything and she’s an outdated whore with an expired license from a job that caps out at $10 an hour.  Maybe misery really does love company!


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