Throwing It All Away

When you don’t know who else to call or what else to do call your ex-mother in law.  Saturday night I talked to Ed’s mother for an hour on the phone.  I told her everything I knew and she gave me a little more information on Nancy the whore.   Nancy is 54, she has some inheritance from when someone in her life passed away and since she and Ed have been dating she has been on at least three vacations by herself and has taken him to the casino’s for the weekend several times.  She is actively feeding his sickness. 

Packing up Ed’s belongings on Saturday it was obvious how far gone he really is.  He left clothes, his football collection, and pictures of his boys.  This afternoon I will go to the old apartment one last time.  I will take a load to the mission and a load to my new house to store for a short time.  We are to the point where Ed has to get clean.  I asked his mother to make arrangements for him to go to treatment.  There are no other choices.  I threw out three boxes of pornography.  Three boxes.  He sold the motorcycle, the big screen, the washer and dryer, I’m not sure where the living room furniture went, the dresser is gone and so is the bookcase that his step father made for him as part of his college graduation.  He threw away everything that I worked so hard for!  And everything that he told me he dreamed of.   This weekend I saw fragments of a life smashed on the rocks of addiction.  It was the saddest thing I have ever witnessed or experienced.  It is a tremendous physical and emotional loss and I’m not sure what to do to help myself recover from it!


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