Crazy Ladies

Ed’s crazy girlfriend Nancy called and left a threatening message on my work voice mail yesterday afternoon, I have never felt so fortunate to be on another line!  She then called the police because she is VERY unhappy that I told Ed’s mom that she lost her med aide license for immoral conduct.  The officer called me when I was heading to my house with Ed’s belongings from his old apartment and I brought him up to speed on Ed’s addictions and the woman who is feeding them.  Poor Nancy, it really sucks when you mistreat those you are entrusted to care for and it ends up being publicly reported. 

Too bad she doesn’t know that she isn’t the craziest lady he’s been with.  Too bad she also doesn’t know that I’m not afraid of some hag who is old enough to be my mother and is just a few years younger than Ed’s mother.  Ed has been with sicker, sadder and crazier women than this before and I have always come out just fine.  I also wonder if she knows that less than 24 hours before he called and left me a message begging to talk to me.  Addiction is a sick and scary thing.  I cannot begin to imagine the advantages for Ed to turn away from his mother for this woman.  But then, I cannot imagine being involved with someone who lost their license for immoral character so there you go.


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