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July 31, 2009

Ed left me two messages yesterday, both of them apologize for any inconvenience he is causing me.  Not sure if this is meant to be nasty or sarcastic or if maybe he is working on his recovery and starting to make amends.  It seems mysterious to me…. He wanted to come up this weekend to get his things but I have too many other commitments.  So now he said maybe next weekend.  It will be something to consider.


Curiosity Killed the Cat

July 30, 2009

Throughout life I havesometimes been irresistibly curious.  Ed and his odd behavior and decisions has me completely piqued.  I am still wondering why he choose Nancy to be with.  I want to know why they broke up.  I wonder where he has moved to.  And most of all I wonder where my living room furniture is AND if he sold the car or took it with him.  I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see if I ever get answers.

More Messages

July 29, 2009

Yesterday afternoon Ed left me a message about wanting to get his things.  I was concerned for about 4 hours that maybe he was still in town.  Then I wondered if he was living in the mission and I felt bad for him.  I know, he brought all of this on himself but its still sad to watch him just lose everything.  In the message from “late” last night he informed me that he is too far away for me to bring him his belongings.  So now I’m left wondering which parent he is living with or if he went to stay with a cousin somewhere.  Maybe at some point I’ll get a straight answer.

Please Please Please

July 28, 2009

Got another voice mail from Ed last night (big surprise right?).  He wants me to hold onto his things, he really wants them.  Makes you wonder about the big screen TV that I really wanted and he pawned.   Or my old living room furniture (I still have no idea where that went).  Or how about the motorcycle that I paid out the NOSE for and then he turned around and sold for nothing.  If I was a vindictive woman I would just throw his things out in the front yard and be done with it.  Sometimes that bonfire idea sounds SO good to me.

Who Wants to Talk About it?

July 27, 2009

Ed is playing this odd game that he usually reserves for his mother with me.  He calls when he knows I’m not available and leaves messages, then he doesn’t answer the phone when I call back.  He says that he wants to talk and actually runs a pretty good game, but then isn’t available.  He was doing this with his mom when he was with Nancy the Whore. 

I’m not sure what I will say to him but I know that my anxiety went through the roof when I sat down last night to call him back.  In some ways I’m terribly grateful that I got his voice mail.  I suspect that means my fight or flight preservation is still much stronger than my curiosity about what happened between he and Nancy and where he ran off to this time.

For anyone who is thinking “just let it go, he’s not worth it, you don’t want him” you are absolutely right and I’m not getting back with him.  In fact I am getting remarried, and that is just over the horizon.

Ed’s Things

July 24, 2009

This weekend I am going to finish packing up Ed’s things.  (Everything had to be washed!) I still haven’t heard a peep out of him.  I had given him a deadline of August 1 but since I have no clue where he’s run off to I don’t know where that leaves me.  I’ll likely have to call my attorney, or his.  How nice should an ex-wife be?  I feel like I’ve been overly good to him throughout all of this, for whatever reason.  And now I’m still left holding the bag, or box as the case may be.

Nothing Yet

July 22, 2009

I’ve been back in town for three days now.  Still nothing out of Ed.  One of his debt collectors called me last night.  I told them I wasn’t going to be paying, they threatened me and told me that my name could be associated with the debt, I assured them that my name wasn’t, referred them to my attorney and hung up. 

I also grew a set and called the 800 number that had left me a message about Ed’s first wife.  It was a collection agency.  I suspect that they are looking for him and called her and she sent them on to me.  I’m not going to be paying that bill either.  Sometimes it amazes me that he can be such an idiot!

Weird Messages

July 21, 2009

I had a message on my answering machine at home last night asking for a reference verification for my ex-husband’s FIRST wife.  The message used my maiden name and her re-married name…. explain that one….

Maybe Ed and Nancy were doing something weird with identity theft.  Guess I’ll have to watch my credit report!


July 20, 2009

Before I left for vacation I BEGGED my boss to let me be gone without having an out of office voice mail.  I explained that I didn’t want my ex-husband (the psycho) to know that I was out of town for a week.  She finally (begrudgingly) agreed.

Ed left two messages over the first weekend of my vacation saying that he wanted to come get his things, then he left another one on Wednesday that he was leaving town.  Things weren’t working out.  And then he practically begged me to not bother Nancy because he would hear about it.  I’m not quite sure what that meant since I haven’t done ANYTHING to bother Nancy but that’s OK.  He also let me know that he left “alone”….  

Hopefully tonight I’ll know more about where he ran away to and what he would like done with his belongings.  Maybe a nice bonfire =)


July 14, 2009

I am taking a week off from everything, including Ed.  I’ll be back on the 20th!