Such a Liar

I talked to Ed’s mom for another half an hour last night.  She confronted him about Nancy’s medication aide license and he lied to her and told her to stay out of his life.  I walked her through viewing Nancy’s revoked license and then we talked about the decisions from her and his sister.  They have decided to walk away and let him bottom out.  She asked him specifically to leave me alone so she was pretty annoyed that Nancy had called and left me a nasty message. 

Yesterday morning I sent Ed a text asking that he get his belongings.  He left me three voicemails that he only wanted three things.  The title to the car, his GED certificiate and his associates degree.  I’m not sure if I even have those items.  He didn’t ask for the pictures of his kids, but his mom did so I’m mailing them to her.  He also asked that all of his collectibles and clothing be thrown away, but I refused.  I have informed him that he has until August 1 to call for his things, at that time I will deliver them to his attorney.

I realized that for the last 14 years every time he has gotten close to the rabbit hole I have pulled him back out and shaken him a little bit.  It was our dance of addiction.  Now Nancy has him shoved face first down the rabbit hole and he’s in a position where he can’t shake himself out of it.  It is sad to watch someone throw themselves away.  Hopefully he can recover before it’s too late.


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