How many more?

My old land lord called again last night.  He is continuing to be annoyed with problems from Ed.  The lady that Ed sold the motorcycle to has never been able to get the title from him.  Now he’s involved in what could be classified as a fraudulent sale.  Honest to Pete how can things spiral so quickly out of control for one person?  The land lord asked if  Ed had sold the bike without paying it off and couldn’t supply a title.  I told him that the bike was paid off in February by me.  I didn’t tell him that there was a $26 late fee associated with the last payment but I doubt that would take a lot of control over the title.  Ed is DESPERATE for cash and making bad decisions.  I wonder how many have happened that I don’t know about and how many more will culminate with calls to my house.  It seems sad that a 44 year old man can be so far gone.


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