Who Wants to Talk About it?

Ed is playing this odd game that he usually reserves for his mother with me.  He calls when he knows I’m not available and leaves messages, then he doesn’t answer the phone when I call back.  He says that he wants to talk and actually runs a pretty good game, but then isn’t available.  He was doing this with his mom when he was with Nancy the Whore. 

I’m not sure what I will say to him but I know that my anxiety went through the roof when I sat down last night to call him back.  In some ways I’m terribly grateful that I got his voice mail.  I suspect that means my fight or flight preservation is still much stronger than my curiosity about what happened between he and Nancy and where he ran off to this time.

For anyone who is thinking “just let it go, he’s not worth it, you don’t want him” you are absolutely right and I’m not getting back with him.  In fact I am getting remarried, and that is just over the horizon.


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