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Sometimes I’m a Sucker

August 17, 2009

Last week I felt bad for Ed and offered to help him with some laundry.  Last night when he came over to pick it up I found out he’s running around (or at least talking to) some of the people that were causing problems between the two of us when we very first separated.  Sometimes I think that things are different, that he is remorseful or whatever, but then I find out that he is still more pain pill Marion than Recovery Ed.  Hopefully these people don’t cause problems in any other parts of my life.



August 14, 2009

Ed is living at a local campground while he tries to get enough money together to move in to an apartment.  He called just a little bit ago and asked if we had any aloe, he apparently has a wicked sunburn.  I told him I would meet him after work and give him some and bring him more clean clothes.  I’m glad that he is working, I’m VERY glad to see his life leveling out… I wish that he didn’t have to hit bottom!

Ed the Pizza Guy

August 12, 2009

Ed took a job with a pizza chain delivering pizzas.  He is looking for something else but this will put food in his belly and gas in his car and hopefully in a few weeks it will put a roof over his head.  My greatest fear was that he would end up homeless and now that he has, it’s really not as earth shattering as I thought it would be.

More Surprises

August 10, 2009

Friday night I was sitting at home innocently watching TV when the phone rang.  Ed was calling to ask me for help.  He and Nancy broke up again and she threw him out of their place.  So he was living in his car.  I took him two changes of clothes from the belongings of his that I have and then tried to buy him something to eat.  I wanted to know what had been going through his head and why he was behaving like a crazy person.  He didn’t want to be “grilled” so he stormed out.  I talked to him on Saturday and he seemed to be making a little sense.  Then he talked to his mom who sent him some money.  Now I haven’t been able to get in contact with him for two days so I suspect he has gotten back together with Nancy. 

As though it wasn’t enough that I saw and spoke to him she called and left me a three minute message on the answering machine at my house Saturday.  Stupid b…. like I have ANYTHING to say to a woman who gets off on calling the police on me!

Back in Lincoln Part II

August 6, 2009

I talked to Ed’s mom last night, sounds from her like he is back in Lincoln.  When he “left alone” he went to visit his sister in Texas for a few days.  She said that he is still avoiding her like the plague so I’m not sure what else is going on.  I’m still so curious about what else he has sold that I don’t know about.  Like the car that I gave him in the divorce.  I just cannot imagine what has been going through his head.


August 5, 2009

It is very much as though Ed has fallen off the planet.  He left me a message on Monday afternoon stating that he would try to get a hold of me and that he isn’t mad at me…. like that’s something I worry about.  But now we’re back to nothing.  Not sure what’s up, where he is, etc.  Hopefully he’ll get his things and get his life back on track.  There were days during the divorce that I wondered what would happen when he didn’t have me to pull him out of the rabbit hole and the new behavior is such a mystery that I don’t know quite what to make of it.  Maybe when my son talks to Ed’s mom I’ll know more.