More Surprises

Friday night I was sitting at home innocently watching TV when the phone rang.  Ed was calling to ask me for help.  He and Nancy broke up again and she threw him out of their place.  So he was living in his car.  I took him two changes of clothes from the belongings of his that I have and then tried to buy him something to eat.  I wanted to know what had been going through his head and why he was behaving like a crazy person.  He didn’t want to be “grilled” so he stormed out.  I talked to him on Saturday and he seemed to be making a little sense.  Then he talked to his mom who sent him some money.  Now I haven’t been able to get in contact with him for two days so I suspect he has gotten back together with Nancy. 

As though it wasn’t enough that I saw and spoke to him she called and left me a three minute message on the answering machine at my house Saturday.  Stupid b…. like I have ANYTHING to say to a woman who gets off on calling the police on me!


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