Still in Town

As far as I know Ed is still in town… still no communication from him which is both a plus and a minus.  His mom was REALLY hurting when I spoke with her the other night.  She doesn’t understand how his addictions could have made him so selfish, so hardened.  She works as a nurse at a prison in Colorado and she told me that listening to him was like listening to the inmates.  He takes no responsibility or accountability for the way his life has turned out.  Why he has chosen this somewhat destitute life is beyond my comprehension.  My son has played three football games this season.  Ed has been in town for two of them and hasn’t even known they were scheduled.  When his mom and I got off the phone the other night she wanted to talk about her friend John, who never hit bottom, and died alone in an apartment estranged from his family, his wife, his four kids, and many of his friends.  From an overdose (intentional or unintentional) of prescription pain medication.


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