Weird and Liberating

It is quite odd having no communication with Ed.  In a good way, definitely a good way… but odd, maybe sad, almost mysterious.  I’m not sure who stepped in and rescued him.  I don’t think it was Nancy, it might be a woman he was running around with when I left him, it might be one of his friends.  Truly it could be anyone. 

I nearly stroked last night when I left our new house to get pizza.  Ed drives an OLD Ford Escort and it’s twin was parked in the parking lot across from us.  I actually drove across the street and circled it to make sure he wasn’t just sitting over there watching us.   While I know our new life will be an advantage for my son I wonder what it feels like for him to have Ed just fall off the planet and pretend as though he doesn’t exist any more.  While I am happy to be done with him I am disappointed in his decisions just the same.


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