Sick and Twisted

Ed called out of the clear blue sky this afternoon.  Informed me that he has a kidney stone, and then refused to tell me who he’s staying with.  He continued to say he didn’t want to tell me since its someone I don’t like.  I directly asked if it was Nancy and he insisted that it wasn’t.  But he refused to disclose.  I told him that I didn’t have anything further to say to him until he could tell me where he was staying and assure me that he was safe.

It seems so odd and honestly sick and twisted that he would go back to her.  I know it may sound like I’m a sad and bitter ex-wife but really I’m scared for him.  When they broke up before they had a physical blow out and she beat him up.  She threw him out and he lived on the street and he’s willing to risk that she will do that again.  That is SUPREMELY sick and twisted.  I understand that abused spouses and partners go back (believe me, I know all about that!) but why would you go back to someone who had ZERO hesitation to leave you homeless?  HOMELESS.  With nothing.  A few changes of clothes, a car that your ex-wife made sure that you had and $20.  NOTHING.  Unbelievable!


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