Being an Adult

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Ed’s decision to return to Lincoln and to Nancy.  (which is still unconfirmed)  If he had stayed in Colorado his mom and ex step father would have forced him to do SOMETHING.  If he moved to Reno he would have had to work with his sister-in-law, his brother or his dad.  If he had moved to Texas he would have had to find something to do.  His family is made up of worker bee’s.  They don’t understand how he can be so lazy.  There are many alcoholics, he is the only one “in recovery” but as I’ve addressed before, addicted to prescription narcotics is hardly what one would consider in recovery.  

Ed lost his capacity to be an adult.  I’m not sure that he ever had one.  What happens to people like that?  His mom has been afraid of him going to jail and becoming institutionalized for life but at this point what is he?  He has nearly perfected the skill of being helpless and manipulative.  And I was ok with it for so long… so what does that say about me?


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