Things That Make You Go Ew

I am seriously ALMOST positive that Ed is back with Nancy.  I know.  YUCK.  So here are some yucky things about that.

Ed is 12 years older than me… and Nancy is at least 10 years older than Ed.  Which means she is almost old enough to be his mother AND she has kids that are older than I am. (is that incestuous or what???)

One of the things that I said when I found out that he was dating was that I needed her to be old, fat and ugly.  I realized recently that I know one of her kids (Lincoln is a small town) and her child is lazy, chubby and bitchy.  What is it they say?  Like mother like daughter?  I sure hope so.

I am still torn between feeling sorry for Ed and being furious with him.  I wonder often if that’s the last little bit of alcoholic gravity, sadness that I couldn’t make it work or just sheer disgust at the way I was manipulated by him.  It’s like a terrible car accident.  As much as you want to look, you want to look away and forget.


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