Surprise, Surprise

So last Thursday, the day I wrote about getting rid of Ed’s things and being done with him forever, I ran into he and Nancy the Whore at the CVS pharmacy.  Seriously, that woman is TORN up!!! She wears a TON of make-up in an effort to look younger than she is and it doesn’t help a bit.  I was pretty shocked to run into them.  At any rate, they had come to the pharmacy in two cars (also surprising) and they were gone all weekend (not as surprising) however, Ed isn’t back yet… so I’m curious, did they sell his car to pay the rent (would have been pretty stupid), is it in the shop, did he go somewhere for Thanksgiving, did he get a job out-of-town, did they break up again, seriously, what is the deal? 

Last night I had the oddest dream.  I was in a house, not my new house or my old house and Nancy the Whore was there.  I grabbed her by her shoulders and slammed her up against a wall and got in her face.  I screamed at her to stay out of my life and I said something like “Listen bitch, I don’t want anything to do with Ed, I don’t want anything to do with you, I want to be rid of his stuff and if he is going to be a part of my son’s life than he’s going to pop in more than twice a year.”  I slammed her head against the wall, then I punched her in the face and threw her out of the house.  I felt REALLY good about it in my dream and I woke up feeling AWESOME!  I’m not sure if there would be any clear benefit to saying the same thing to her in real life but somehow my soul feels soothed.


One Response to “Surprise, Surprise”

  1. C Says:

    Lol. When my ex-husband first starting dating “Lisa,” I had a dream that I beat her head in with a crock pot. I had the opposite response though. I woke up shaking and freaked out of my mind. (They have since broken up, and no kitchen appliances were harmed!)

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