Direct or Indirect

Dealing with an addict is much like walking in the mountains with a blindfold.  You never know when you will slip, you never know when it will be ok, you never know when you will be hurt or how severe the injury will be.  I have wanted to drop Ed’s things off at Nancy the Whore’s house in the middle of the night for two reasons.  #1 – I want him to know that I know where he lives (a part of me wants him to be ashamed of himself!) and #2 – I want to get rid of his things without any confrontation. 

At this point I could go the rest of my life never hearing from him and never look back.  I can’t be responsible for him any more.  And I have had literally all I can of being responsible for his crap…. so now I have to decide if I’m going to leave things where they are at and hope that he goes back to Nancy’s soon so that I can leave things there, I can send him a text and ask him to let me know where and when or I can call and take on the problem head on… like the adult that I am in other parts of my life.  

I think I need to chew on it a few more days.


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