I have been wondering for more than 6 months now how Ed ended up with an old lady.  My only answer to date is her inheritance…. he met her at work but he had told the people he was working with that he was married to me.  (We were trying to finalize our divorce while he was working there.)  His Christmas card from his boss even says stuff about his wife… and that was obviously after he began his relationship with Nancy the whore.  I just don’t get it. 

It still makes me afraid that he was using me.  I want to believe that he loved and cared about me but now I wonder how long I was a meal ticket.  He went to college like I asked but was it because it was easier than working?  Maybe people think that I used him as much as he used me. He was my daycare provider for 5 years and was responsible for all the before school care for 5 more. 

Ed was, when not drawn away by the internet or the television, a pretty good housewife and parent… then he had a bunch of surgeries, and he wouldn’t stop taking pain pills, and he got really abusive, and he didn’t seem to care about anything unless he got whatever he wanted, and there was no compromise, and I had to leave.  And now he’s with some old dirty hag, and even though I have moved on with my life and I have an amazing and happy future, I still want to know why he ended up with a crazy woman who beats him, takes joy in leaving him homeless and rules his life…. Totally bizarre.


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