Where oh Where

So I’m thinking they have either broken up again or Nancy the Whore is having more out-of-state family drama…  Friday morning Ed’s car was back in front of the rental house, but Nancy’s wasn’t in the driveway.  Friday afternoon when I drove by, his car was still there and packed full of his belongings.  I didn’t have time over the weekend to drive by, however, this morning there are no cars, no tire tracks and no footprints.  (It snowed here Sunday) 

I wonder where they are going?  Are they broken up?  Relocating?  Why don’t they take the motor home with its illegal plates?  If they are together why are they traveling in two cars?  And how much longer will I have to keep his things?  I’m going to Denver in June with my new husband and my son…. I’m considering renting a u-haul towing thing to take the rest of Ed’s stuff out there.  Then it can be his mom’s problem.


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