Not a Peep

I’m feeling good about my decision to not get a present from my son for Ed.  We didn’t hear a peep out of him over the weekend, I’m not sure if his family did either.   My son is now in sunny California on a school trip having an awesome time and hopefully not missing Ed at all. 

I read the most interesting thing this morning – it was part of Dear Abby and the gist of the theory is this “people who are sick and negative attract people who are sick and negative”.  I have been spinning this around in my head most of the day and it is a pretty simple explanation of Ed and Nancy.  He is caught in his addictions and she is stuck with her terrible personality and bad decision-making.  What kind of woman wouldn’t want the man that she is with to see or even speak to his only child on Christmas Day?  It doesn’t get much sicker or negative than that!


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