I talked to my ex-mother-in-law last night.  She reported that Ed was there for Thanksgiving so that solves part of that mystery.  He lied to her face while he was there and told her that he wasn’t living with Nancy the Whore anymore.  I’m having a hard time putting my head around this entire situation. 

#1 – what is so wrong with this woman that he has to lie to the people in his family about his relationship with her?

#2 – what will happen when she finds out that she is this tremendous secret in his life?

#3 – what can the two of them possibly be gaining in this situation?

I still think that Ed is with Nancy the Whore because of her inheritance, however, as much of a control freak as she is I would think that she would insist on being public knowledge with his family, especially since he spent part of the holidays with them.  The whole thing is absolutely mind-boggling.  What kind of woman is ok with a man who sponges off her and refuses to let anyone know of her existence??? Sick – the whole thing is sick!


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