Don’t Call That Love

I know that I have mentioned several times on here that I need to give up the drive thru therapy, but I have been totally smitten with Dr. Drew’s Rehab.  Sex rehab, drug and alcohol rehab, relationship rehab.  All of it! 

This week in a one-on-one session with the country music singer who was abused almost unmercifully by her ex-boyfriend, she defended him because of their love.  Dr. Drew said slowly and carefully, don’t call that love, it was power and control and it may have felt exciting, but it was abusive, you can’t call it love. 

The other hard part for me was the detox process for the bassist from Alice in Chains.  He knew what he wanted in life but the work to get there had escaped him and he felt cheated, so he wanted to be high.  Around the second day of his detox something snapped inside him.  I have totally seen Ed like this.  He was blasting angry music, refused to speak to anyone, and stomped around giving people dirty looks.  He insisted that the problem was the cameras and one of the staff but they considered transferring him out for a psychotic episode.  Detox is dirty and scary and gross and I can’t even count how many times Ed and I had to go through those behaviors.  Every day I am glad that I’m gone and that he has decided to have no contact with me.  We didn’t have love, he had this sick, weird control over me and he knew how to yank on my heart and make me feel sorry for him, and I am so very happy to be free of that!


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