Hair Plugs

I know that’s a funny title for this post but last night I had the ODDEST dream…. My son, my mother, my second husband and I were at the Home Depot (among my favorite stores) getting something before we went out-of-town and Ed was there.  He had gotten hair plugs (he’s SUPER bald and even has that greasy bald head phenomenon) and then dyed his hair blond with dark roots and had it all spiked up.  He looked like a total dork.

I was thinking over the weekend about men who think they are cooler than they are and their efforts to impress the people around them.  Ed always tried to impress people by being macho and tough and trying to be charismatic.  Everyone has seen this guy out in public or met him at a party.  He can talk sports or music and sometimes news and weather, at first he seems nice, maybe even funny, but then you realize that below the surface there just isn’t that much.  These men generally dress a little younger than their age, they are easily distracted by cell phones, sunglasses and car keys and they care about little beyond their end of the conversation.  While he has the capability for sincerity he gave it away to his addictions… and now he’s the macho guy at the party that was fun to look at 20 years ago, and seems interesting on the surface, but it more a joke than a catch.


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