I Hate Nickelback

And Hinder, and the American Idol guy that sounds like both of them… in fact, I hate all the bands that sound like Nickelback… and unfortunately I’m not sure if it’s because Ed liked them SO much or because I just hate that kind of music, or the messages that it solidifies.  Ed used to call my voicemail at work and play music that was emotionally compelling to him, and it always rubbed me the wrong way.  I can’t tell you how many times that song with
“look at this photograph” was on my voicemail while we were separated. 

Last spring when Hinder hit national popularity with that awful song about how valuable a woman is based on her ability to perform oral sex I could barely listen to the radio.    I know you were all expecting a Dr. Drew update but I’m still digesting last night’s episode.  It didn’t touch me in the same place the other episode’s did this season…


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