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Same Old Same Old

February 24, 2010

I haven’t called Ed back yet.  I’m still trying to decide what is best for my son, my life and my sanity.  This morning I drove by and he’s back to living at Nancy the Whore’s house.  I am mostly tempted to say that once he is done with his sick and demented relationship with her that he can be a part of my son’s life…. until then we’ll maintain the current practice.



February 15, 2010

So I hadn’t heard a single peep out of Ed since Halloween weekend… not one word, nothing.  And I haven’t had time to call anyone in his family since the first of the year because I have a busy life… so Friday afternoon he left me a voicemail at work.

He stated that he has been missing my son and he’s sorry that he hasn’t been able to see or speak to him.  What Ed seems to be forgetting is that HE is the only person putting the relationship aside.  I told him somewhere close to 1,000 times that he could see him and speak to him whenever he wanted but that my son developing any kind of relationship with Nancy the Whore or even SEEING her was completely out of the question.  Period.  So Ed chose Nancy over the child that he spent 12 years raising.  And now,  since I suspect he and Nancy are officially over, he wants to see my son again.  I’m working on groud rules, and standards, and I want to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR to Ed that the burden to see and speak with my son remains solidly on him, it is not the child’s responsibility to contact the absent parent! 

I suspect it was no coincidence that he called two days before Valentine’s, and three days before what would have been our 13th wedding anniversary.  What a jackass!

Talk about an Ugly Mug

February 12, 2010

Ladies and gentleman of the jury – tell me – have you ever seen such an ugly face? If you are eating wait 5 minutes before scrolling down!

Beyond being Nancy the Whore you’ll note that she is also a TOTAL dog…. EWWWWWW

Nancy Ruwe

A Year Ago

February 10, 2010

It’s been almost a year since I got engaged (and about 5 months since I got re-married).  My new husband and I went out-of-town for a few days and he proposed at our favorite restaurant, along the wall of windows, and I cried like a big baby and said yes about 20 times =)

I hemmed and hawed at length about how I would tell Ed that I was getting re-married and in the end it didn’t really matter.  Before I had a chance to tell him I found out he was with Nancy the whore and we haven’t been able to have many civil conversations since.

I was thinking last week that some of my anger with Nancy the whore was Ed’s decision to continue to mooch off me while he was running around with a crazy woman.  I felt bad for leaving him and he was still pretty unstable.  I had warned him repeatedly that he was going to have to start paying his own bills and luckily, I was able to get several of his services out of my name and just stop paying for them.  It feels good to be approaching a year without paying any of Ed’s bills.  I know that he has been in a financial downfall but I also know that he has the skills to get out of it.  I’m the one who took the time to teach him about them!

I Gotta Go

February 5, 2010

I of COURSE had to watch Dr. Drew last night… he had a conversation at the end of the show with Tom Sizemore and his girlfriend Monroe.  Sizemore wanted his girlfriend to take him home.  His excuse to Dr. Drew was that he wanted to take a break and come back… and Drew called him on the carpet and said “I gotta go always means I gotta use.” 

I thought a lot about Ed and I gotta go.  I thought about all the times that things got too tough and instead of being a man he packed up and ran.  When I wanted him to get a job he would fight and make a million excuses that took more energy than even applying for a job.  After I moved out he would call and beg me to come back to our apartment because he missed me, etc.  The minute that I asked him to be accountable for his behavior he had to go.  He missed having someone to control and someone who would enable him.  For so many years I wanted Ed to have an easier road but the problem was that the easier road was good for him in his recovery and TERRIBLE for him when he was allowing his addictions to mandate his actions.

So many times in the last few weeks I have wanted to call or text Ed and say “this is enough you have to make arrangements to get your things”.  And at the same time I am terrified that he is too high to grasp the magnitude of his choices and failures.  I just don’t know what direction I should be taking!

Top Searches

February 3, 2010

The top searches for my blog this week were pulled up based on Nancy the Whore’s name.   I am becoming progressively more interested in the number of people she has upset over time.  And I’m curious about who has been searching for her, and why. 

So Nancy – if this is you, then you know I like to call you Nancy the Whore  – if you’re looking at my blog – I hope you’re enjoying it.  I don’t like you, I never want to hear from you again for the rest of my life.  I suspect that you will die the way that you lived, which is poorly.  I might as well buckle down and wait for you to call the police again.  I suspect that they will find my blog amusing and once again not harmful to you.  Get a job, buy a house, find something valuable to do with your time… do not abuse mentally ill or developmentally disabled adults and lose my phone number.  I think you’re white trash and no amount of money can change that.