Top Searches

The top searches for my blog this week were pulled up based on Nancy the Whore’s name.   I am becoming progressively more interested in the number of people she has upset over time.  And I’m curious about who has been searching for her, and why. 

So Nancy – if this is you, then you know I like to call you Nancy the Whore  – if you’re looking at my blog – I hope you’re enjoying it.  I don’t like you, I never want to hear from you again for the rest of my life.  I suspect that you will die the way that you lived, which is poorly.  I might as well buckle down and wait for you to call the police again.  I suspect that they will find my blog amusing and once again not harmful to you.  Get a job, buy a house, find something valuable to do with your time… do not abuse mentally ill or developmentally disabled adults and lose my phone number.  I think you’re white trash and no amount of money can change that.


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