So I hadn’t heard a single peep out of Ed since Halloween weekend… not one word, nothing.  And I haven’t had time to call anyone in his family since the first of the year because I have a busy life… so Friday afternoon he left me a voicemail at work.

He stated that he has been missing my son and he’s sorry that he hasn’t been able to see or speak to him.  What Ed seems to be forgetting is that HE is the only person putting the relationship aside.  I told him somewhere close to 1,000 times that he could see him and speak to him whenever he wanted but that my son developing any kind of relationship with Nancy the Whore or even SEEING her was completely out of the question.  Period.  So Ed chose Nancy over the child that he spent 12 years raising.  And now,  since I suspect he and Nancy are officially over, he wants to see my son again.  I’m working on groud rules, and standards, and I want to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR to Ed that the burden to see and speak with my son remains solidly on him, it is not the child’s responsibility to contact the absent parent! 

I suspect it was no coincidence that he called two days before Valentine’s, and three days before what would have been our 13th wedding anniversary.  What a jackass!


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