Nancy Ruwe

She’s just a little uglier every time that she updates…. this is what Facebook nightmares are made of!  I think she’s got wrinkles on her wrinkles =)


One Response to “Ewwww”

  1. C Says:

    I feel the same way. I have (just recently) convinced myself to stop looking at my ex’s and his gf’s facebook pages. (My “Nancy the Whore” is “Old Balls.”) LOL

    I’m no supermodel, but I don’t understand how someone could leave a 25 yr old (at the time…) who loves you more than anything, is a good mom, and would do anything for you, curvy brunette with doe eyes for a short, fat 40 yr old whose kids don’t even want anything to do with her. And then want her to be part of my kids’ lives???? WTF

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