This month is a year since I found out about Nancy the Whore.  Admittedly there are some things that I like about it that are very selfish.  I’m SO glad that she can pay Ed’s bills and that I don’t have to hear about him and money.  I’m still disappointed that he lied to me and that he left my son with no notice, BUT…. 

I decided to talk to my son last week on the way home about whether he wanted to see Ed any more.  I’ve reported before that Ed was the only dad my son ever knew…. and interestingly the response from my 15-year-old was “not necessarily”.  He still feels like he’s been dumped.  He feels like Ed just walked away from him and wasn’t willing to care about him….. so for the time being there will be no discussion, and no visitation.  I had considered calling Ed this morning to tell him that for the moment Erik was going to watch and wait… but I’m saved the chore because Ed’s phone has been disconnected.  Again.

No telling if this is because he didn’t or couldn’t pay the bill, or if it was because Nancy refused to pay it.  Maybe it was because she knew he had left me a message asking that I call him at that number and she is still so insecure and untrusting (rightfully so with him) that she disconnected the phone instead of risking that he would talk to me!


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