The world works in the oddest ways.  My new mother-in-law can be pretty inconsiderate…. she hasn’t warmed all the way to my son as a part of her life.  She likes him, heck, she might even love him in her own way…. but she isn’t really willing to commit to him as a grandchild.

My ex-mother-in-law was so much different.  My biggest problem was that sometimes, she would come down to see my son and get distracted by her son (my ex) being an ass or by her friends missing her and offering her a good time.  The thing is though, that she always LOVED my son… she wanted to see him and she wanted to recognize all the things in his life.  When I first met my ex she made me promise that she could always be a part of my baby’s life, even if things didn’t work out between Ed and I.  My new MIL only seems to have time for my son if there is nothing else going on… my in-laws are willing to step in and DO things for him (take him to school when we’re out-of-town, etc) but it just doesn’t seem like they LOVE him…. and maybe that’s just too much to ask.


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