Spring Break

Yesterday was the very first day of spring break for my son.  I took the day off.  Last year during spring break my new husband (we were engaged then) and I took my son to Florida for a week.  Right before we left I took my things out of our old apartment and I found out about Nancy the Whore.  The entire week I wasn’t really able to relax.  I was stressed about what might happen next and the abuse that I would be subjected to by Pain Pill Marion, who would have been amazingly effective as a terrorist – except that it probably would have been too much work for him!  When I got home I had to deal with the local police since I had taken my cat and he called her in as catnapped.  When I pushed him and informed him that he would have to pay her veterinary and licensing costs and her prescription food he was more than happy to stop fighting. 

Yesterday I had the greatest day!  I took off work, slept in a bit and then my son and I worked on things at our old house and got things put away at our new house… we enjoyed the sunshine and I didn’t have any fear at all about Ed or his power over us.  It felt really nice!


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