Closing a Chapter

Yesterday afternoon I went to the bank to change to my new married name.  It was pretty exciting.  Then I closed out the account that Ed and I had shared.  It broke the final bond between the two of us.

Friday afternoon I hired a dog walker for my mom, while I was out showing her the loop Ed drove past.  I had a mini meltdown but maintained my cool the best I could.  Then I called my husband and said that I had seen him drive by and was a bit concerned that he would be waiting for me at my mom’s house.  I had a terrible Hollywood image of walking back into my mom’s house to find him waiting there with a gun.  My husband buzzed the house and didn’t see him.  When we left, we drove back out through the new section of the neighborhood, where he was hanging out at a rental property.  I thought that he was working because his car is often gone from Nancy the Whore’s in the afternoon, guess he just moves his butt to a different couch.


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