Happy Birthday Old Man

Ed is 45 years old today… for most people this is young.  With the way Ed has abused his body he looks old…. much older than he actually is, and that’s the outside, I can’t imagine how old he looks on the inside.   I noticed on my way in between work sites this afternoon that he was at the library, which generally means he has lost a job AGAIN and is looking for another one.  Who knows the reason this time.  I will forever suspect that its related to attendance, but I have no proof.  I thought this morning that it would have been fun to have left his things behind his car as his birthday present this year, or to mail him a birthday card at his new address to let him know that I know.  Truly he is just a sad old man…. with nothing to show for his life.  He has an almost 20-year-old car that is falling apart, he’s living in a rental house with a hag of a girlfriend, he gave up his biological children because he couldn’t afford to fight for them and he gave up my son to feed his addictions. 

When I met Ed he was 30, he had his whole life ahead of him really.  He was clean,  he had a life, a plan, the possibility of a great future.  And now here he is, 15 years later.  Old, fat, bald, missing more teeth than he has left and in a relationship with an old, fat, freak who beats on him…. I could never have imagined that long ago that this is where he would be today.


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