A Clarification of Purpose

Since my readership has increased dramatically over the last few days I feel it is important to again clarify the purpose of this blog.

This is my personal journal, it happens to be electronically published.  It has a readership among other women who have escaped from abusive relationships.  I am finally happily married, however, I spent 9 years being physically abused and 13 years being emotionally and verbally abused by Ed.  Even after I left him he spent all hours of the day and night screaming at me, threatening me, leaving abusive voice mails and alternating between promising to love me forever and promising to strangle me.  (For those who haven’t read through the archives, each time that Ed and Nancy break up he makes all efforts to force himself back in to my life!)  All those years of anguish are not simply erased by having a new and happy life.  There is still long-term pain and trauma from what I endured during my marriage to Ed.  This blog is a way to get out what I went through.   

Every posting in this blog is the truth as I know it.  When I make assumptions about things that I cannot verify,  I clearly say that I suspect or I am guessing about something going on in Ed and Nancy’s life.  I know what Ed did to me, I know that he and Nancy have assaulted each other, I saw the damage. 

Here is the link on domestic abuse from the Lincoln Rape and Spouse Abuse Crisis Center http://www.voicesofhopelincoln.org/resources/domestic_violence.html?PHPSESSID=37baa000df5ba1ed15df35801dc992ab knowing where Ed is living is a way to protect myself and my son from being taken off guard and possibly fatally harmed.  My ex-husband is a loose cannon and that is no secret to the people who know him.  I have spoken to the staff at the Spouse Abuse Crisis Center regularly over the years and they are aware of the things that Ed did to me.  I have also saved all of the threatening voice mails that he has felt compelled to leave me over the last 5 years and both Ed’s attorney and my attorney have records of requests from me to obtain a restraining order that were dropped because of Ed’s Jekyll and Hyde personality.  

This is a record of my thoughts, feelings and experiences, none of which are criminal.  No one is being forced to read this, so if you find it bothersome, I would encourage you to not read it.


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