Equal Treatment

Ed and Nancy’s relationship and the on again, off again nature of their interactions and treatment of each other continues to puzzle me.  If Ed and I were still together this spring, then his birthday present would have been tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls.  In fact, to be honest, if he would have done the leg work to have a relationship with my son, he would have gotten the same present.  When I heard about the date that they were playing, the closeness to his birthday and his well-known love of the band it seemed like the perfect gift.  With Nancy’s affection for the casino’s I was certain this would be what they would do to celebrate.  From what I could tell, this wasn’t how they celebrated. 

I always tried to do things that Ed would enjoy to try to make him happy… and after all those years it didn’t really get me anything.  (Refer back to some of the earlier posts about my inability to make people happy and how you have to be happy with yourself.)  Ed and Nancy don’t get along well at all.  That really can’t be argued.  And I have wondered, for both sides, if it’s because they just don’t care about the other person being happy.


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