And Then It Was a Year

It hit me a little before I went to bed Sunday night (Father’s Day) that it had been a year since Ed made time to see my son.  A year.  The little boy that he helped raise.  The one he helped potty train.  The one he raced to the car after the first day of kindergarten.  The one he taught to throw and hit a baseball.  The one who learned all about college football at his knee.

I still have a hard time accepting that he has abandoned my son.  I know, it’s not Ed, it’s the drugs, but it’s still hard for me to believe.  I really knew Recovery Ed.   I really knew that person and all the things that he could be and do.  But Pain Pill Marion?  I hoped I would never have to see that person and now he’s done terrible things in my life, and my son’s life…. and I know it’s better for my son to not see him like this.  But I also know how bad he feels knowing that Ed has no interest in him and hasn’t made any effort, for a year.


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