Or For Worse

Ed and I had a decidedly sick relationship.  In my last post I mentioned waiting for things to get better, and there was a time when things were good.  But when things got worse they were on a progressive downhill trend and it didn’t seem like they would ever make it back out.

During the last 6 months that we lived together Ed was rude, disruptive, hurtful, angry and out of control.  It was the worst six months I have ever lived through.  Ever.  In my life.  Ed lied about anything and everything.  He dropped out of college and declined to say anything about it for a few weeks.  He had cell phones and credit cards that he thought that he could hide.  He was flirting with strangers on the internet and trying to scam people left and right.  It was like he changed over night.  There were times before that had been bad.  We had struggled, I had cheated, he had lied.  But these times, these were like living with a stranger, like someone I had never known, never wanted to be with and couldn’t figure out or reason with.  It was almost as though he had changed his entire personality. 

Even though I had made a promise that I would stay for better or for worse I had to leave.


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