15 Years

I met Ed a little more than 15 years ago.  Doesn’t that seem unbelievable?  I was thinking over the weekend what I could have done in 15 years instead.  One of the greatest regrets I have from our relationship was getting Ed through school first.  I wish that I would have realized early on that education wouldn’t change his work ethic.

In 15 years I could have gotten through a doctoral program and right now I could be working as a research scientist or a forensic anthropologist.  I could have gone to nursing school and be working on a master’s to be a nurse practitioner or a CRNA.  I could have invested more in my retirement account and be way ahead of the game.  I could have bought a house and I would be halfway through my 30 year loan, instead of 1 year into it.  Instead, I am three payments away from being done with the debt from my first marriage.  I paid out a lot for Ed, time, money, effort, care.  He took care of my son, but I could have had a nanny for less money in the long-term.  I have always been a hard worker, this point in my life is no different. 

I’m meeting with the graduation advisor today to find out where I’m at with school.  Not only is it hard to believe that I met Ed so long ago, it’s also hard to believe that less than two years since my divorce was finalized I’ll be through my first leg of college.  It’s amazing how much I have accomplished without Ed in my life, especially after he worked so hard to convince me that I could never live without him.


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