On the Down Low

I have been thinking the last few days about the significance of Nancy the Whore being a secret.  And wondering why Ed is so ashamed of her.  I mean obviously she’s a toad and a half, but it’s not like it’s the first ugly girl he’s ever had sex with.  No really.  His first wife was a dog.  She still has a mullet!

Is it the age thing?  I mean right now Cougars are all the rage, but I thought the intent was to get a “hot” cougar.  Not one covered in wrinkles, age spots and with a visible mustache. 

Is she a secret because of her history of abuse?  I can’t imagine that anyone would be proud of being with someone who lost their license for abusing the clients that they were hired to protect.

Is it the money?  Ed worked hard to make me aware that Nancy had a pot full of money from losing her dad.  But it isn’t like his family is suffering for cash.  Maybe he knew that she is selfish and greedy and didn’t want to let them know that he was with someone who didn’t care for others. 

It’s hard to know why she is a secret and why his return to her abuse was a secret.  I think the entire thing is pretty sick and pathetic… but maybe Ed has given up hope in this life, and faith in himself, and Nancy the Whore is the amount of work that he feels comfortable with for the time being.  All I can say is EWWWWWWW =)


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