Teen Mom

MTV is the oddest thing.  Sometimes I will see something and be able to completely relate, like with Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant.  Other times I don’t get it at all.  Yesterday afternoon while I was folding laundry and doing a little house work I caught an episode of Teen Mom where one of the girl’s was so frustrated by her child’s father that she completely lost it.  Admittedly this is one of the women that I don’t think much of, she spends a lot of time screaming.  But, she really had gotten to the point where she was over the laziness and demeaning attitude of her boyfriend. 

One of the other women had the opportunity to express feelings about the loss of her boyfriend.  He had died rather tragically in an accident while she was pregnant and she was trying to get social security for her daughter through paternity testing with a member of his family. 

In my world, it is often like Ed is dead.  He has missed out on the huge changes my son has been through in the last few years.  The coming of age things, like being taller than your parents, driving, going on dates and playing against the varsity football team.  And the personal achievements, like surviving 14 days in the mountains and doing the work to receive an academic letter.  It’s still really sad and disappointing for me that Ed could want so badly to raise a child and then walk out on him for a woman with so little to offer.


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