The Truth Hurts

I haven’t posted any of Ed’s lovely comments about my blog, but his general request is that I just die.  Well, you know, expect for his comment that he “owns me from now until forever” and the one where he apologized for “hurting” me.  He would much prefer that I didn’t write this blog, and he likes to say that I am lying, but he knows the truth, he knows what he did to me, and he knows that he and Nancy have physically and verbally abused each other. 

If I could survive 11 years of marriage to Ed I’m pretty sure I can survive a nuclear holocaust.  Besides, he shouldn’t worry about my demise – with his AARP girlfriend his focus should be on improving her heart health and regularly completing the stroke prevention screening.   The two of them should be excited though, there are some new geriatric specialists in the state who I’m sure would love to see them =)


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