Speaking of Liars

I posted a little more than a week ago about Ed’s position that my blog is nothing but lies.  I understand that even though his addiction has taken over his life, he is embarrassed/ashamed by his actions and doesn’t want the world to know.  I did things during our marriage that I’m not proud of either.

This week I have received calls from both his physician’s office and the company responsible for collecting his student loan debt.  Neither are able to get a hold of him.  Ed has completely defaulted on his student loans to the tune of $36,000.  And the government will never stop looking for that money! 

Both companies are unable to get mailed communication to him, and the last phone numbers they have are either disconnected or the voicemail message is in Spanish.  They are using the same address that I have so either Ed and Nancy are broken up, which would be good for Ed in the long run, or they are sending the mail back to the sender.  Which is disgusting – and ethically disturbing.  I pray every day that Ed will go back to treatment and get his life back on track.  And I thank God that we got out before my son had to see him fall so far!


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